Why you shouldn’t rent your wedding dress

No photograph will ever be able to replace the real thing.  There is no better example of this than a wedding dress from your most special day.  After countless searching and research, you find the perfect one for your wedding day.  It’s magical, and everything is perfect. For one day.  But what happens after your wedding?  Well, if you’d rented it, then it has to be returned.  That’s what happened to me; This is my story.

I got married in a beautiful wedding dress that I rented from a professional wedding boutique (see above picture).  I loved it, and so did everyone else.  And, with sadness, I remember returning it just before going on my honeymoon with my husband.  

If I had a chance to do it all over again, I would definitely buy my own this time.  Here are some reasons I thought of that would influence my decision:


There were some drawbacks to renting a wedding dress.  First off, it was really expensive!  I paid more to rent than to buy my own wedding dress for my wedding.   Now, I don’t even have the dress, only photos to remind me.   Also, not to gross you out or anything, but you are essentially wearing the same exact dress that many others had worn.

For that kind of money, you can choose from a wide variety of wedding dresses for purchase.

Stress (or mental well-being)

Unfortunately, it goes without saying that things go wrong at weddings. An uncle who has had one cocktail too many perhaps, might accidentally step on the dress and cause it to tear. How about your little nephew who likes to hang on you because he thinks that your wedding dress is a pretty jungle gym? Or how about this? The flower girl and the ring boy think the train of your dress is Aladdin’s Magic carpet?  Anyway, a lot of things can go wrong. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell. If you are wearing a rented wedding dress, then you have to be extra vigilant on top of every detail that is going through your head that day so why not reduce that stress load just a little?

Why put yourself through that kind of a hassle? Take that stress out of your most important day! In a dress that you own, that is one less hassle that you do not have to stress out over on a very special, stressful day.


Even though you will never wear your wedding dress in public again, it is good to have it hanging in your closet as a symbol of your marriage.  Just like the wedding ring, a wedding dress can be a symbol that represents the decision you’ve made of your marriage.  How powerful it would be to show your daughter or son a momento from the very start of your family!

I want to emphasize something very important here, and that is this: the point is not to get the most expensive dress but to find the right one for you. Just like you finding your perfect mate, there is a perfect dress for you. When you see photographs of weddings and brides from the nostalgic past, you often see that the bride’s dress is old fashioned. You might even be a little embarrassed for her.  However, the only opinion that matters is hers because it was right for that lady.  


Isn’t it strange? At the end of the day, the only thing you have is memories.

In this digital age, you can save a lot of memories. We have photographs, audios, even videos.  Digital wedding albums from our friends and families of taking best photos of your special day wallpaper Facebook and Instagram. But what about your wedding dress? How are you going to save that if you rented it? Who knows? Maybe someday you can find one on sale on EBay or somewhere if you are lucky and cherish your memories that way. Even then, it won’t be the same dress that you wore on your special wedding day.


Well, writing this article has helped me get some old complaints off my chest.  Strange… it feels good because the process has been therapeutic.  

If you are shopping for a wedding dress that is right for you, we offer a wide variety for every possible venue. Please take a look at our selection to find the perfect one for you.  Thank you very much.


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